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"I Want to See Jesus!" Week of Biblical Storytelling - Friday

Character: Jesus and Me

Theme: Jesus knows you and loves you

Message: Jesus pays careful attention to our lives and loves us. He is there through the easy and the tough times and is very proud of us. He loves to tell our story!


First I ask Jesus: "What is your favourite story of all time?"
Jesus laughs and says there are too many stories to choose from. He loves them all! We talk about the stories we have learned so far this week. He adds bits to each story, telling His favourite part.
Then, I ask, "Well what about RIGHT NOW? What is your favourite story RIGHT NOW?"
Jesus smiles and says, "Oh, that's easy! My favourite story right now is about a little boy who was born on October 7, 1972 in a town Redding. He grew up with a brother and two sisters and two parents who loved me very much."
"Hey!" I say in amazement, "That's me!"
Jesus nods, smiling, waiting for it to sink in...
"You mean," I say, getting it, "My story is your favourite story RIGHT NOW?!?"
"Of course it is," Jesus says, "because I am talking to YOU right now! Would you like me to tell you my favourite parts of your story?"
I nod excitedly, "YES! What are your favourite parts of my life?"

Then Jesus tells three stories:

1. Picnic in Heaven
When I was four and talked to my Gma on the phone. It was Sabbath and we had just been listening to Heritage Kids and the song "picnic in Heaven" was stuck in my head. When it was my turn to talk to Grandma, I said, "Grandma, did you know there is going to be a picnic in Heaven?"
She replied, "Yes, Davy. Won't that be nice?" My grandma was raised a Christian but had stopped going to church or even following Jesus when she got married because her husband said he didn't want any "God stuff" in his house. She reaised her kids with no prayers, no Bible stories and no talking about Jesus.
"Grandma," I continued, "The song says there's gonna be Watermelon. And there'll be enough even for you! Are you gonna be at the picnic in Heaven?"
Grandma went very quiet on the phone. "I hope so, Davy. You better put your mommy back on the phone."
Jesus then tells me, "This was the first time you challenged someone to think about their relationship with Me. And you didn't even know you were doing it! God works through everyone willing to speak for Him. And you were willing and ready!"

2. I Can't Die!
I once told my Mom I couldn't die. I have written this story as a Children's story and posted it sometime ago under the title Invicible Davy. You can read the story on this link and then come back here to read how I used it in this setting.
Jesus tells me, "I was proud of both you and your mom. Your Mom had taught you about the great plans I have for your life. And you believed her! That made me soooo happy!"

3. Baptism
Jesus tells me that his favourite day of my entire life was the day I was baptised. I ask him why that day was so special? What about all the times I have told stories to kids? What about all the people I have preached to? What about the books I have written? Jesus just smiled and said, "Nothing compares to the moment when you stood in that pool of water and told the watching universe, 'I love Jesus and want to follow Him forever!' We threw such a party here in Heaven that day!"
Then I tell the kids, "Jesus, His father, the Holy Spirit and all the angels love parties and they throw one everytime someone is baptised!"

This is the Friday talk and is the culmination of the "I Want to See Jesus" week. It is so very important to give kids a chance to respond.
Finally, after all the stories, I ask, "Isn't that exciting? Jesus has a party planned for the day of your baptism! Did you know that Jesus loves you so much he tells your story to others? One day you will be able to ask Him to tell it to you! Who wants to hear Jesus tell you His favourite parts of your story?"
Most of the kids will raise their hands.
We want to give you a chance to tell us how we can help you take your next step toward Jesus' plan for your life.
Then, depending on the school, camp or setting, I explain the sheet they will fill in which will be given to their chaplain or pastor.

I have done this "I Want to See Jesus!" week at two schools now.
At Heritage College (Primary) there are now over 130 students in Bible Studies with their chaplain, many preparing for baptism.
At Edinbourgh Adventist Primary School, around 50 kids chose to be baptised. Their chaplain will begin studies with them soon.

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