Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Resilience Resources

This post is intended to be found and used by the chaplains attending the Korus Connect resource sharing days. Anyone else who finds it – More POWER to ya!

I’ve created these two resources to provide opportunities for students to share their own story. Every time we restory our lives, we build resilience!

I use these every day.

20 Resilience Questions and Workbook

This resource set targets stories from home. Our primary resilience givers are the significant adults in our lives. The more stories we know from their lives, the more options we have available to us when we face tough times. Resilience researches say these 20 questions predict resilience. What could be more useful than encouraging kids to learn these stories. Lots of parents have commented how much they enjoyed going through the workbook as a family.

The “Do You Know” Resilience Scale

Resilience “All About Me” Workbook

Getting to Know You Jenga

These questions are targeting stories from the lives of the students. Grab yourself a Jenga game from a 2nd hand store or spend a bit more ($8 at Big W) and stick these questions on the blocks. This is every kids favourite game in my office because it’s all about them! And it’s safe danger. Knocking the tower over is stressful and then hilarious! A good game of high-stress Jenga can lead to a fantastic conversation about how we handle stress in our lives.

“Towering Resilience” DIY Jenga Questions

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