Saturday, May 25, 2024

Covenant and Community

"Covenant and Community" is a deep exploration of God's unwavering commitment to humanity, showing that His covenant is a promise of love, provision, and protection. It calls for humans to respond by living in love and worship, fostering healthy communities, and remembering the ultimate sacrifice made in the New Covenant through Jesus Christ.

This sermon explores the concept of 'covenant' as it appears in the Bible, highlighting its evolution and its implications for human relationships with God and each other. The word 'covenant' was introduced after sin entered the world as a promise from God to counteract doubt. However, the meaning of 'covenant' in the ancient Near East culture differs from our modern understanding. It was not a contract with responsibilities but a promise from God, the provider and protector, to humanity. The appropriate response to God's covenant was and still is worship.

this sermon explores the various eras of Israel's history, showing how God restated the covenant at each stage, reminding His people of His role as provider and protector, and their role to love Him and each other. These reminders took various forms such as the rainbow after the flood, the circumcision for Abraham's tribe, the Levites and the law for Moses' nation, and the promise to David's Kingdom that the Messiah would come through David's lineage.

However, despite these constant reminders, the people often forgot their covenant with God. This led, ultimately, to God's promise of a New Covenant, as prophesied by Jeremiah, where God would forgive their sins and write His law in their hearts. The New Covenant was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, whose death and resurrection provided the ultimate reminder of God's covenant in the bread and the wine of the communion meal.

The sermon concludes by emphasizing that the covenant between God and humanity has always been one-sided, with God taking on all the responsibility. God provides, protects, creates, recreates, saves, restores, builds, and rebuilds. In response, humans are called to love Him back and love all that He has made. The covenant is God's promise and our purpose: Love.

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