Thursday, April 12, 2007

Margaret River

I was told that I MUST visit Margaret River while I am in Busselton.

So, today I drove the 45 minutes to see it.

It's a river. (a stagnate river, mind you... The sign said that it does flow occasionally... nice)

There is also a town much like any and every other town in Australia.

And some really strange toilets.

I couldn't take pictures in the other public toilet due to the disgusting invitations written on the walls...

More Busselton

I saw a dolphin from the beach in front of my little caravan!

And I saw this Manta Ray down the beach a ways...

This is the view from my patio. My caravan is literally "right on the beach!"

This place rocks!

Busselton WA Adventist Camp Ground

If you ever get to West Australia, you must visit Busselton.

These pics are all taken from the beach in Busselton.

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