Wednesday, June 02, 2021

God borrowed my book!

Thank you:

Before driving from Melbourne to Darwin with my Daughter last month, I told a number of churches along the way that I was coming and offered to bring books. A church in Darwin invited me to preach, so I packed a box of books to take along.

When we got about halfway up, I received a Facebook message asking me to stop at a Katherine Church. They wanted to see my books. 

I met with Pastor Andrew and his wife Jeanette at the church. They excitedly looked through my books and chose a few. As they were looking, I noticed Jeanette lay a copy of Just Believe on her open diary. I made a mental note to keep track of it. Then my daughter Rachael walked over and Jeanette turned to talk to her. She picked up her diary as she did so. 

Two weeks later, Andrew and Jeanette called me to apologise for accidentally taking the copy of Just Believe without paying. They told me they were visiting a Bible study contact and the lady wasn't home. Because she knew they were coming, the lady had told her 17-year-old daughter, "Please apologise for me. Put a white tablecloth on the table and ask them to do the study with you."

As they sat down, Andrew realised the study they had prepared was not right for this new young lady. Then Jeanette remembered the book in her diary which she'd been feeling guilty about. She'd meant to call me for days but kept forgetting. She pulled it out and offered it to Andrew, "What about this? Could we read it together?" 

Pr Andrew and the girl thought this was a good idea and they began reading. When they got about 3/4 of the way through the book it was time for the Bible study to finish. Pr Andrew said, "Would you like to finish the story on your own? We can pick up the book next time we visit."

The girl said she was really enjoying it and would love to read the rest. So, they left the copy of Just Believe with her and left.

The next day they called me. After telling the story, Jeanette said, "The reason we've called is to ask for your bank account details so we can pay you for the book."

I was very touched by the story and let her know that God had removed the memory of that book in her diary from my mind until this phone call. "God meant for that book to be there, in your diary, so you could read it to that young lady." I said, "Please let her keep it." 

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Jeanette said. "We will tell her it is a gift from the author!"

No, it's a gift from God! He can borrow my books whenever he sees fit!

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