Saturday, April 30, 2011


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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Some thoughts on fruity living

Fruit of the Spirit: plastic vs real

Plastic fruit
A. Produced in a factory
B. Formed by a mold
C. Looks real from a distance
D. Touch = disappointment
E. Bite = pain

Real Fruit
A. Produced in living connection
B. Formed by DNA and Nutrients
C. Is real from any distance
D. Touch = anticipation
E. Bite = joy

Saging with Grace (wisdom from a random rabbi)

Sage (verb) "to sage": intentionally Shaping oneself toward maturity as you age.

Are you intentionally:
Saging with Wisdom - taking in wisdom literature, surrounding yourself with wise people, spending time wisely.
Saging with Generosity - offering time, consideration and your excess willingly.
Saging with Care - nurturing those in your sphere of influence with compassion and consideration.
Saging with Spirit - spending time and thought on the deeper nature of self, others and the divine.
Saging with Grace - allowing others the right to sage without manipulation or judgement.

John Maxwell says, "Wisdom doesn't always come with age. Sometimes age comes alone."

Are you saging? Are you saging with wisdom, generosity, care, spirit, and grace? Are you saging? Or are you just ageing?

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