Tuesday, October 18, 2011

USA trip with Cyrus - Day 9 - Hollywood Studios

Wow! What a fantastic day of great shows and fun rides!
Here's Cyrus at the beginning of the day with a living, growing version of lightening McQueen.
We took this one for Mikey!

Most of the rest of the day really has to be seen to be enjoyed.
So these shots are of some of the things that makes Disney so great.
Here is one of the many themed gardens.

Here is one of the many creative touches...
This was just on a post in a shop. There are funny things everywhere!

This one is for Rachael and Mikey.
It's those super-smart guys! Phineas and Herb!

Well, without question, the stunt show was the best part of the day !
These guys can drive!

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