Tuesday, October 11, 2011

USA Storytelling trip with Cyrus - Day 2

We are in Atlanta and enjoying ourselves. It is now 10:15PM Monday night. When we arrived it was raining and mild with a gentle breeze. It felt a lot like Melbourne!

Our hosts are a lovely retired couple. They have already fed us some lovely food and I've given them copies of all my books. We're getting along great!

Cyrus really wanted to go shopping today rather than sleep so we headed off to the shops (about 15 minute drive) in our rental car. He was asleep when we got there. I woke him and he told me to go do my shopping first and them come wake him. I locked the car and headed into ROSS - a huge discount clothing store.

When I came back, he was so funny! He woke with a start and looked around. He kept looking at everything, turning his head, looking at buildings, at the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car, at the door handle next to him which he tried to grab but missed. Then he looked at me and said, "It's all in the wrong places."

I laughed and asked him if he was getting out. He nodded and said, "Yes!" as if he were very excited. Then he sat there doing nothing. I asked him again. After a few prods, he got out of the car and followed me into the shop.

When we got inside, I said, "You ready to shop?"

He said, "I just want to sleep."

So we went back and both fell into bed. He's still asleep. I reckon he'll go through the night. It was a very long flight! (or set of flights and layovers)!

So, tomorrow we have a rest day and a bit of shopping. Then we get into the filming!

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