Saturday, October 08, 2011

CSPS Storytelling Workshop 5. Personal Bible Studies – Guided discussion

Story: Riding the Spirit (Article – separate file)

Teaching: Your Christory is your most powerful communication tool. Use it well!
Christory: Where your story and Christ’s Story work together.
CGCV: review basic CGCV model. Then STANDS.
Focus: AN – Audience’s Needs. Listen first. Then speak.
3 Keys to Listening:
1. Suspend Judgement (Café’ Sabbath story)
2. Empathise with them (put yourself in their shoes-they are the character
in their own story. Get to know the character before you respond
to the story!)
3. Reflective listening (This is what I heard. Is this correct?)
Once you understand the needs of the audience you can ask “Where will I apply my influence? What story will I tell to touch that part of their story?”

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