Saturday, October 08, 2011

CSPS Storytelling Workshop 2. Small Group – How to use story in a friendship group

Story: “The BMW Driver” and “Double Click” (Article separate file)

Double Click – Eikon (Icon)
Activity: Draw an Icon representing you (like W for Word, etc)
Story: hitting the BMW
Question: When you get double clicked, what opens up?
Point: As Icon’s of Jesus, we should open a gateway to Him.

Teaching: Fact is Forgotten. Story comes back when you need it. Matt’s story.
CGCV: review basic CGCV model.
Focus - V: Values are the heart of story. Choose one. Just one. Then put it in the actions and mouth of the character. If the Character embodies a strong value the story will be unforgettable!
Teaching Faith: Head knowledge is only part of it. Head, Heart, Hands, Horizon. Teaching faith is values teaching and we must approach faith through as many avenues as possible so that by all means we might save some!

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