Monday, October 10, 2011

USA Storytelling trip with Cyrus - Day 1.5

It's a bit crazy to figure out whether this is day one, two or somewhere in the middle!

Cyrus and I left home at 7am Sunday morning and arrived in the Melbourne International Airport at about 8:30am. Thanks to Loren Pratt for dropping us off and storing the car at his place!

Our first flight was four hours late which caused a full scale whiplash effect down the chaos of airline tickets. We left Melbourne around 4pm and, in Sydney ,rushed from one flight to the next.

After 13 hours, we arrived in Los Angeles and got through customs and immigration quickly. We were still 40 minutes behind and were not allowed on our flight to Denver. Instead we were rebooked through Washingtom DC. That flight didn't leave for another 10 hours! Lol... So, we enjoyed laptop, iPad, iPod, food, drinks, chatting and went on a couple walks.

Now we are in DC and it is 7:15am on Monday morning. Doesn't sound too bad, eh? Left Melbourne 4pm Sunday and will arrive in Atlanta at 10:40am Monday. A breeze! Yet, somehow it feels like we've missed two nights sleep!

You know what? It's worth it. Every minute of it! Cyrus and I are laughing, talking, hanging out, playing with our toys. We're two peas in a pod. He's a great kid and I count it an honor to be jet lagged by his side!

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  1. Cyrus read this right after I wrote it on the iPad. He smiled and handed it back to me.
    I asked, "Is it ok?"
    He said, "It's good." Then after a pause he looked me in the eyes and said with his quirky half-smile, "It's real good, Dad."
    Love that kid!


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