Saturday, October 08, 2011

CSPS Storytelling Workshop 6. Educators – Youth pastors, school teachers, SS teachers

Story: Week of Prayer “I wanna See Jesus!” (Tell week in a nutshell)
When telling stories to children honour both their innocence and their trust. They will believe you. Never underestimate the power of their imagination.
Little boy: end of WOP – Pr Dave, what did Jesus look like?
He believed my story. He wanted it to be true. So, I gave him an answer in which it could be true.
“Little man,” I said, “We were using our imaginations this morning. I haven’t seen Jesus yet. The moment I see Him, you will see Him too! We will all know what He looks like at the same time!”

Teaching: Series are a great way to create memories. Repetition: Catch phrases, songs, Developing themes, build momentum toward conclusion (“I want to see Jesus!”)
Focus - DS: Details of the Story. Know your Characters. Know your Value. Know the Goals the character has. Know the Conflict between the character and their goals. Be specific. Drive to your destination! Don’t tell the details that aren’t necessary.
Memorize the story? NO! Write out and memorize the first sentences and the final sentences. Starting well and finishing well are important. The story in the middle can be shaped as you tell it. Every story is unique – Now and New – tell it where you are and to who they are.

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