Sunday, September 11, 2011

"I Want to See Jesus!" Week of Biblical Storytelling - Thursday

Character: Peter

Theme: Jesus’ humility makes us humble too.

Message: Humility comes to those who walk with Jesus.


Walking on water – When I first meet Peter I say, “Oh, I know you’re story! You walked on water! Right?” He agrees but says there were even more amazing things that happened while following Jesus. The thing about Jesus that is really important to me is that He changed me from a self-centred person to a person who cared about others more than myself. Jesus was Humble and being around Him made me become humble too!

Called to be a Disciple – When he called me, I was a nobody. I wasn’t a good enough student to stay in Rabbi School. I was a fisherman, like my dad and brother. Then Jesus came along and called us to follow him – just like a Rabbi would. He thought we were good enough. We were the kind of followers Jesus was looking for. We were disciple-material after all! Jesus chose humble people because He was a humble leader.

Who is the Son of Man? – Jesus said Peter’s answer came straight from God. Peter gets puffed up and proud of himself. Then, just moments later, Jesus starts his death talk again. Peter pulls Jesus aside and says, “You’ve gotta stop this crazy death talk! You are not gonna die! You are the messiah! You will lead us in overthrowing the Romans and then you will reign forever as our KING!” Jesus says, “Get behind me Satan!” Peter reflects, “I went from speaking for God to speaking for the Devil in a few minutes! That really humbled me! I learned I need to check with Jesus before believing anything!” Jesus speaks to and through those who listen humbly to his voice.

Denying Jesus – Three times Peter was accused of being part of Jesus’ movement. Each time he argued. Then he heard the rooster crow and realized he had done exactly what Jesus said he would. His heart broke. He ran away. He knew he would never be a true believer of Jesus. Then Jesus died. Then Jesus Mary came running into the room where the disciples were sitting and said, “He’s alive! Jesus is alive and he told me to ‘go tell the disciples and especially tell Peter’ that he IS ALIVE!” Jesus wanted Peter to know He was alive. And he wanted Peter to know that he still included him with the disciples. Jesus calls broken people who think they have gone to far against Him. He calls then to himself!

Do you love me? – Just before he went back to Heaven, Jesus went on a walk with Peter. He asked him three times, “Do you love me?” Each time, Peter said yes. Then Jesus told Peter to look after his sheep, lambs, etc. – to care for the followers Jesus would leave behind when He went to Heaven. On the third time, Peter cried. Three times he had denied knowing Jesus. Three times Jesus had renewed their love by encouraging Peter to declare his Love. Jesus is not so big that he cannot reclaim us no matter how small we think we are! Jesus forgives those who humble themselves in His sight.

Kill and eat! – Peter’s final call to humility came after Jesus had left, after the Holy Spirit had come, after the Christian church had started growing. While praying on the roof of a friend’s house he had a vision of a sheet coming down from heaven filled with all kinds of unclean animals. “Kill and Eat” the voice of Jesus boomed. “SURELY NOT!” Peter argued. “I don’t eat that stuff. It is impure and unclean!” The voice spoke again, “Do not call anything unclean that God has made clean!” The sheet came down three times and the conversation repeated. Then three men showed up at the front door asking for Peter. They were sent by a Roman Centurian who believed in God to ask Peter to come share his story with the Roman. Peter understood the vision – The message of Jesus was not for only Jewish people like himself. Romans and everyone in the world were to be included in the Kingdom of God! True humility sees no one as better than anyone else. Those who truly dwell in the Kingdom of God are humble and include everyone in fairness and equality.


All this talk of Humility reminds me of the guy I met Monday. His name was Micah. He taught me a song. It was about Justice, Mercy and Humility. Tuesday I met a Roman soldier who taught me about the Justice of Jesus. Yesterday, I met Mary and she taught me that Jesus truly loved mercy!

Sing theme song

Peter says, “Yes, Jesus was humble and called me to be humble. He made me who I am! He treated me with humility over and over and over. His humble way of forgiving, including and loving others changes the world – one person at a time!”

“Thank you for telling me your story.
I have enjoyed meeting you. But I want to see Jesus. Have you seen Him?
Yes, Jesus is very near. Just before you, he was here!”

To kids: “Thank you for singing with me! I really must go!
I want to see Jesus!”

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