Sunday, September 11, 2011

"I Want to See Jesus!" Week of Biblical Storytelling - Wednesday

Character: Mary Magdalene

Theme: Jesus loved Mercy

Message: Jesus protected the weak, forgave their sins, healed their hurts and lead them to God’s Kingdom.


Caught in the act – Jesus is teaching a crowd on the temple steps in the early morning light. Mean men throw a woman at his feet: “Jesus, we just caught this woman doing something very naughty! The Law of Moses says she should be killed! What do you say?!?” Jesus drives away accusers with silent scribbling. Where are your accusers? I don’t accuse you either! Jesus loves to be merciful to people who have done the wrong thing.

Martha is cooking while Mary sits at the feet of Jesus - being discipled in the ways of the Kingdom. Jesus protects hearts that need to hear stories. Mary is doing what is most important for her right now – listening to the stories of the Kingdom she has just discovered! Jesus loves to be merciful to people who are becoming his disciples.

Anointing Jesus in Simon’s house – Mary has heard Jesus say he will die. While others think he is speaking in Kingdom metaphors or just being morbid, Mary believes Him. She saves enough money to buy the best perfume for his burial. But she can’t wait. She pours it out at a party. She anoints his feet and head. Simon thinks bad things about Mary and what she is doing. Jesus protects her again – this time from those who believe they know how true faith should look and act. Simon’s two thoughts – 1. If Jesus knew what kind of woman that was, he would never let her touch Him. 2. If She really believes in Jesus’ Kingdom message, she should sell that expensive perfume and give the money to the poor. Jesus says, “You haven’t washed my feet or hands. This woman bathes my feet with her tears. The poor will always be here. I will not. Mary knows and believes this. She has done the right thing!” Jesus loves to be merciful to people who live their faith with brave honesty.

The Cross and the Tomb – Mary watches Jesus die. Follows his body to the tomb. Sunday morning she returns to the tomb with more perfume – to make his body smell nice. When she arrives at the tomb, her thoughts move from “how will I get the stone away?” to “Where has the body gone?” She is distraught at finding the empty, folded sheets that were wrapped around Jesus. She is crying when she comes out of the tomb. She sees a gardener: “Do you know where they’ve moved the body?” Tears, sobs, “I’ve come to anoint my Lord’s body and it’s gone! Please tell me, where has it gone?” The Gardener says, “Mary, do not weep!” Her head jerks up at that voice. Jesus continues, “Go and tell the disciples I am alive. Tell Peter especially. Tell them Jesus is alive!” Jesus loves to be merciful to people who are broken hearted. He has good news for them!

All this talk of Mercy reminds me of the guy I met Monday. His name was Micah. He taught me a song. It was about Justice, Mercy and Humility. Yesterday I met a Roman soldier who taught me about the Justice of Jesus.

Sing theme song

Mary says, “Yes, Jesus loved Mercy. He treated me with mercy over and over and over. He is the most loving and merciful person I’ve ever met!”

“Thank you for telling me your story.
I have enjoyed meeting you. But I want to see Jesus. Have you seen Him?
Yes, Jesus is very near. Just before you, he was here!”
Retell the key people and message of previous days
finish with Micah’s message
Sing theme song
To kids: “Thank you for singing with me! I really must go!
I want to see Jesus!”

walk off stage

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