Sunday, August 14, 2011

Road Trip Diary - Day 10 & 11 - Move with The Power 3

Well, the first two days of MWTP3 have passed. There are 700 youth leaders from every corner of the division attending this training weekend filled with workshops, worship and sermons by numerous well known preachers. Most of the attendees are from the islands - Solomons, PNG, Fiji, NZ, and more. About 1/5 are from Australia.

It is very heartening to see how much trust our young leaders put in their division youth department. Each of the islanders have spent an amazing amount money to come to this event. I hope they are getting all they need to fully empower the youth they will return to.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended Nathan Brown's workshop: "What is right with the Emerging Church." It was a very interesting and encouraging conversation.

This morning, when the ABC opened, Nathan and I went in and got a copy of the 28 Stories journal. It was the first time I had seen the finished product. It looks amazing! Tomorrow morning we are giving a copy to every person at MPWTP3. Hopefully some of them put it to good use in their youth ministry at home!

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