Sunday, August 07, 2011

Road Trip Day 3 - Sabbath with Canberra National

Sabbath was a full and fun day with the Canberra National Church.

For Sabbath School I told the lesson story in Kindergarten which was heaps of fun. Just by a fluke of God's sense of humour, the story was Naaman! So, I was prepared by the night before!

For church I shared with the group that meets in the Hall. My topic was "Turning your Experiences into Testimonies." I shared the story about my visit to Mildura and the newspaper interview. You
can read a shortened version of the story further down on this blog.

After a delicious lunch, Mikey and I went the the National War Museum. What an amazing place! We both learned so much. Here is Mikey barely escaping with his life.

Later in the afternoon we returned to the church to join in with the Canberra Pathfinders. Mikey got involved in a really creative activity building houses with nutrigrain and chocolate icing. What a great idea! Looks awesome and tastes yummy.

At 5:30 the 50+ pathfinders all gathered together in the hall and we had closing Sabbath. I taught them the angel song and we did the fun activity to go with it and then I told them the story of Elisha capturing the entire army of Aram without anyone getting hurt. The point of the worship: By treating others as friends we destroy our enemies!

After worship we had a yummy Tea and then Mikey played indoor footy with the boys while I talked to people about my books and signed a few copies.

It was a wonderfully enjoyable day!

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