Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip Diary - Day 7

After leaving Macquarie College on Tuesday , I drove to Kempsy and had a great night chatting with my good friends Michael and Bethany Chapman. We had a lot of laughs – sharing favourite yotube clips and telling stories of life. Great times!

The next morning I went to the Kempsy Adventist School for a day full of fun with kids. I spent the morning with the 3 upper primary classes – 40 minutes in each – teaching story structure and helping them get started on writing stories of their own. It is so much fun to see kids emerse themselves in creating stories.

For those of you who are wondering, the story structure I teach is CGCV – every good story has all four of these key elements: Characters, Goals, Conflict and Values. The more time you spend developing these four areas before you start writing the story, the less time you’ll spend deleting and rewriting stuff!

After lunch, I spoke to the high school students for their Week of Worship program. The week is based on the life of Joseph. They have a ripper of a drama that both students and teachers perform each day. The Wednesday section of the story was when Joseph was in jail and interpreted the dreams of the baker and butler. The topic I was assigned: How do you live by God’s values when you are in a horrible place? I talked about living by Kingdom values – no matter where you are. Jesus taught how to be free even when living in a country occupied by the enemy. He taught a way to live in quiet rebellion to the laws of domination and be free in your mind and heart.

After chapel, I drove to Lismore where I found an inexpensive caravan park and holed up in a cabin for the night!

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