Sunday, August 07, 2011

Road Trip Diary - Day 1

This marks the beginning of my tripple state/territory (quadruple if you count where I started!) storytelling, book signing, school visiting, workshop running, youth group Bible study guiding, church preaching, book launching, book listening (while driving!), blog writing, two week ROAD TRIP!

I've had heaps of fun dreaming it up and planning it out, now I'm living it.

This weekend has been the part I have lovingly titled the, "Mikey onboard" section of the roadtrip.

Mikey and I left home at 5am on Thursday morning and drove to Albury where we visited Border Christian College until lunch time. They were having Week of Prayer with Lili Panozzo as their speaker. I have heard kids rave about how awesome Lili is as a speaker and now that I watched the mistress of mayhem in action - I CONCUR! My giddy gumdrops, the woman is crazy! No wonder kids love her to bits. Not only did I witness her woo the masses (as she did two chapels - one for the primary school and one for the high school), I observed as she worked her way through heaps of personal and group conversations with the kids before and after chapels. That's where ministry happens and Lili was all over it! Love your work, Lil!

During the morning programs I was invited to introduce the kids to my "Adventures in the Bible" trilogy and tell a story to the Primary school kids. I had heaps of fun!

Thursday afternoon we drove to Canberra and went bush bashing in the Mini to Clare Barnes family home. What a Kangaroo lovin' place! Mikey made fast and furious friends with the family dog, Ishka - a male Siberian Husky. This was a beautiful thing to watch, as Mikey is not fond of Dogs. Ishka loved Mikey and Mikey loved Ishka. It was a fur flying, boy laughing weekend!

The Barnes were absolutely the most gracious and hospitable people to stay with. They made Mikey and I feel truly at home. We arrived on Thursday night and left early Sunday morning. Although it was a busy weekend, we even had time to have few really fantastic conversations.

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