Thursday, August 18, 2011

Road Trip Diary - Day 13 & 14

I left sunny Cooroy at 6AM Tuesday morning and spent the day driving to Dubbo. What a beautiful drive! The ranges, valleys, little towns, open plains. So varied and enjoyable. About 6PM I rolled into Dubbo and discovered something unexpected...

Everything was booked! Every bed in all 68 Motels/Hotels & Caravan parks in Dubbo was full. By the time I realised this, the towns around started filling up. When I returned to the Caravan Park and booked a tent site at 8PM there wasn't a bed available within 100kms of Dubbo! Luckily I had a camp chair and table with me. So, I set up and ate mu Hungry Jacks while answering a day's worth of emails and Facebook messages. Then, I climbed in the car, wrapped myself in the blanket the Caravan Park man loaned me, laid my seat back, rested my head on the pillow also loaned to me and slept for 7 hours with only the occasional realisation that I was in a bucket seat, not a bed!

The next morning I had an early shower (with a borrowed towel!) and headed to McDonalds for breakfast. When I got there, and went online, I received a real shock. An email from Westpac...

During my night sleeping in the Mini someone else was busily charging things on my credit card. Nearly $10,000 in just a few hours! So, the bank saw the anomaly and emailed rather than calling do to the time of day. I called them immediately and was blown away by their service. I called at 7:10AM and everything was fully resolved by 7:45. They cancelled the card, went through the account and picked out every false charge and emailed me a document to review the fraudulent transactions, sign and send back. I sent that back today (as Jenny had to sign it).

After getting off the phone with Westpac, I headed over to Dubbo Christian School and spent the morning with 500 great kids! They have a huge hall that seats the entire school. The whole school assembled and I told them the story of 2 Kings 6 - Elisha capturing the entire army of Aram. It's a ripper story!

Next I headed to the library and ran a "Little Authors" workshop for 100 students (grade 3-6). It was great fun! The story they created as a group was wonderful. I hope a few of them write it!

Chatting afterward leaded to a few sales and then a big order! Well over 30 books! I was one happy boy when I hopped back in the Mini and finished the drive home.

I pulled into my driveway at home at 10:10PM. Home sweeeeeet home!

END Road Trip

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