Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Brave Little Boy

“He was terrified of me!” Carole said.

She had tried everything – wrapped a Maasai skirt around herself, pulled her black sweater sleeves down, she even tried to give him a knitted jumper – but when Carole tried to go near the little Kenyan boy he cried out it fright.

“He had never seen a white person,” Carole said. “I did everything to show I was not a threat, but there was no hiding my face!”

Other people tried to help. The local Maasai leader, Joseph, came over and put his arm around Carol to show she was a friend. The boy’s aunt held Carole’s hand. Nothing would convince the boy.

“I so wanted to comfort him but I couldn’t!” Carole said, “I wonder if this is how God must feel.”

The little boy had come with his auntie to enrol in the school that is being built in Maasai land right now by Education Care Projects Kenya. “He’s on the waiting list now,” Carole said. “His auntie is looking after nine kids. She has her six and her sister’s three. Sadly, her husband just died.”

School foundations being dug in Maasai land.

“Finally, after his auntie held my hand,” Carole said, “he let me touch his hand. Poor little darling.” The brave little boy then accepted the jumper and stood outside for a photo of himself with his Auntie.

"This ministry is about educating children," Carole said, "but I also want them to learn about Jesus and come to Him. I want the boys to see real Christian manhood modelled and the same for the girls as that in itself will change their lives. And it will change Maasai land as well. Joseph and his wife are wonderful role models!”

“I guess that's why Jesus came in our likeness,” Carole said, “so we would not be afraid of Him.”

The brave boy and his auntie

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