Monday, April 25, 2016

DJD425 - Ressurection

Read More Daily Jesus

Phillipians 2:1-4

Starting Question:

Seeing something from a completely new perspective is very difficult. Jesus was willing to go through numerous changes to accomplish His mission—our Salvation. How can we apply the changes Jesus accepted, endured, embraced and received?


** Continued from Death yesterday **

The two men looked at each other, shocked at this new teaching.

The man continued, “The prophets are full of proof that Jesus was the Messiah: Isaiah predicted His simple birth in a manger and that His mother would be a virgin. Micah said the birth place would be in Bethlehem. And concerning his death: Isaiah said He would be whipped. The psalms say His hands and feet would be pierced. Zechariah said His side would be pierced. Even the act of the soldiers who cast lots for His clothing was foretold!”

There was silence for a few steps, and then Cleopas said, “That’s amazing! It really is. Why have none of us seen this?”

The man smiled, “That’s not all! His burial in a wealthy man’s tomb was foretold by Isaiah. You say the women who saw the Christ this morning were mistaken? Didn’t the prophet Malachi say the Son of Righteousness would rise with healing in His wings? From His birth, to His death—nearly all of his life fulfills prophecy. Jesus Christ is the Messiah. A little knowledge of the prophets will convict the strongest skeptic of this!”

The two men stopped in front of a small house, “Thank you for your words. You have given us much to consider. Please stay and eat with us.”

A few minutes later the three men sat at a table with Cleopas’ family. The table was loaded with bread, water and hot food.

“Sir, would you do us the honor and bless the meal,” Cleopas asked.

“Certainly,” the man answered, taking one of the round loaves of flatbread in his hands. He lifted the bread high in front of him and prayed.

Everyone sat staring at him as he prayed. Their eyes darted from person to person and back to the praying man. As he said, “Amen” he broke the bread in half and handed the halves to Cleopas and Nathaniel on his right and left.

“I knew it!” both men shouted as one. They looked at the joy in the faces around the table. Tears streamed down every face. Then they turned to Jesus, but He was gone!

Reflection Question:

If you had been sitting at that table and recognised Jesus, what would you have done next? Who would you have told? What would you have said?

Prayer time:

Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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