Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DJD412 - Handmade by God

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Psalm 33:6

Starting Question:

Imagine being able to create anything by just speaking. What would you speak into existence?

Handmade by God

The sixth day of Creation week emerged as a beautiful cool morning. The sun, rising in the east, shone on the Creator’s back forming a long wispy shadow in front of Him. He seemed to be studying His shadow with a concerted effort. The corners of His mouth turned up in a gentle smile. As the smile spread across the Creator’s face, the area where His shadow fell and a border area around His shadow, turned to reddish dirt. It was as if the grass had parted to allow the soil to see the sun.

The part of the new patch of red dirt covered by God’s shadow began to bulge. It was as if His shadow were taking shape. The red earth was rising to meet the shadow of its Maker. Soon there was a very long, stretched out form on the ground—a three-dimensional copy of the Creator’s elongated shadow.

God’s smile slowly faded and the soil stopped rising. Walking to the far side of the dirt figure, he knelt next to it. He pointed His right finger and pushed it gently into the dirt—at the spot where the belly button would be if the man on the ground were real. His finger sunk into the dirt, turning it to clay.

From where His finger had created the navel, the Creator drew a line up the middle of the clay body—proceeding to the top of the figure’s head. There was now a line dividing the clay man in half. The Creator dug his hands into the line and pulled half of the clay away. Now there were two piles of clay—one that looked like half of a very tall, very skinny person—and the pile now being formed into something new.

The hands of God formed a new clay man, this one smaller and proportioned more like a normal person. As a final touch, He pushed his finger into the figure’s middle, making a belly button. When He finished, the Creator sat back on His heels and admired His work. He smiled, happy with His creation.

Then He took a breath. 

** Continued in Breathing Servant tomorrow **

Reflection Question:

Why do you think God used His hands to make Adam? What does this act tell us about God?  What does it tell us about ourselves?

Prayer time:

Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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