Friday, April 15, 2016

DJD415 - Reading with Jesus (SS BONUS)

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Ephesians 2:8-10

Starting Question:

Consider a time when you had the opportunity to give generously to someone. Tell that story. What feelings went through you at each point in the encounter?

Reading with Jesus

** Continued from Eating with Jesus yesterday **

Everyone laughed again. “It’s true!” Bart shouted over the din, “Jesus’ stories and questions put his critics on unsure footing! They either stumble away thunderstruck or just fade back into the crowd.”

“And hopefully they have been challenged to look at their hearts,” Jesus said seriously.

The disciples focused on their Master. They had learned to recognize a teaching moment as it approached.

“They all want to minimize their effort and maximize their results,” Jesus said. “And they are wise to do so. Life’s purpose can only be achieved if we remove that which hinders and focus on that which draws the Kingdom of God closer.”

Silence filled the room as the disciples chewed on this spiritual wisdom. Finally John spoke, “You told the expert in the Law to be like the Samaritan. Is that the one thing we all must do?”

“Love your neighbor,” Jesus said. “Yes, love wastefully. Sacrifice whatever it is that stands between you and your ability to help without hesitation.”

Bart said, “Is that why, last week, you challenged that rich kid to sell all his stuff, and give the money to the poor?”

“Yes,” Jesus said. “Imagine the lives he could bless by giving generously!”

We’ve left everything behind to follow you,” Peter said. “What reward is waiting for us in the Kingdom?”

“Peter, you can have a throne,” Jesus said with a laugh, “You all can.” He lifted a mug of water, toasting the roomful of disciples, “Thrones all round.”

The disciples laughed and cheered rowdily.

“But, that’s not the point,” John said thoughtfully, “Is it?”

Jesus’ was sipping from his cup. He raised His eyebrows in agreement. The room stilled, awaiting his response.

“What is written in the Law?” Jesus said. “How do you read it?”

Reflection Question:

How does Jesus’ teaching about the law challenge you?

Prayer time:

Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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