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DJD401 - Your Story (SS Bonus)

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Romans 5:6-11

Starting Question:

How old are you? When did your story begin?

Your Story

I’m not sure if you’ve ever thought about this: Before meeting Jesus, your story was short - very short! It started the day you were born and it was destined to end the day of your death. That’s the way things are on this Earth. But, after meeting Jesus, your story is much longer, deeper and more beautiful by far. 

Because of Jesus, your story reaches back to Creation when humanity began. And it reaches beyond your death to eternity in the Kingdom of God. 

Because of Jesus, your story has a greater purpose. Without Him, the greatest thing you could have done is leave a legacy in character and finance for your Children. With Jesus, the purpose of your life is to be a spiritual mirror - reflecting the love of God to the world in compassionate action, and reflecting the needs of the world to God in prayer. 

Because of Jesus, there is granduer to your life. Before Him, you were little more than an animal - according to science - at best a smart primate. After Jesus, you are able to be recreated in His divine image.

Your story is part of the epic narrative in which the Great Controversy is only a blip in time. The Battle of good vs evil may seem insurmountable right now. But, with Jesus, we know there is a day fast approaching when sin, crying, death and sorrow will be forever banished. And after that day, as before sin, we will live forever with Him. We will spend our days worshiping our Creator, Redeemer and Gracious Lord. That’s our true purpose - to worship God.

The Bible demonstrates the full spectrum of life with and without God. It goes through the journey of sinners and saints and shows they are often the same people at different stages of their lives.

If the Bible were being written today, your story would be within its pages. In your past, God’s character was abused in the way He was misrepresented to you and today He is seeking to be known by you in His true, loving and compassionate nature.

God was part of your life when it was roses and when it was thorns. He loves you, and His Book is all about you and people just like you. God’s living Word, from cover to cover and continuing in us, is the story of people glimpsing and grasping at God. People just like you and me.

Reflection Question:
We have a thousand stories to tell. Some from our own life - personal testimony. Some from the lives of others - Biblical testimony. Nothing speaks to the heart or mind like a story. How will you tell God Stories today?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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