Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oct 1 - The Prophecy Story - Day 1

Yesterday at church we launched The Prophecy Story at Rosny Church. We have been building momentum for the last couple months getting prepared. We had TV commercials, promotional giveaways, letterboxed postcards and encouraged members to invite friends along.
To our joy, over 25 guests came to the service! There were 100 in attendance.
So many wonderful people worked together to make the program happen. Melinda organised the kids who did the welcoming, Jason organised the worship, Jo lead out in Drama, Mel with the Kids story, I presented Daniel 2 and Shasta created a wonderful atmosphere afterwards with her delicious food! Then afterward Melinda collected and coolated all the registration forms and we found out how many new people were with us!
It was a beautiful thing to look out during the sermon and see the reactions of interest from a number of people who had obviously never heard the prophecies of Daniel explained before! It was a real joy!
God is good.

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