Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Nature of Evil

I had a number of discussions with people on Thursday about the nature of evil.
9am at Hilliard we talked about the occult and the many ways that Satan tries to gain entrance in our lives.
Later that morning I was talking to my video store man, James, and he told me a number of stories about the "reality" of the Devil and evil powers.
For lunch on Thursday I met with the Minister's Fraternal (ministers from all the
Eastern Shore churches) and I shared some of the morning's discussions with them. They were less interested than the kids and the video man. In fact they were disinterested. It was as if they didn't believe the Devil was alive and active in our world.
Where do you fall on the spectrum?
Is Satan an old theory and outdated enemy?
Or is he an active force attempting to infiltrate your life?
Satan knows who he is even if we dont. He acts even if we don't believe.
Know your enemy. Don't underestimate him. Flee temptation. Resist in the name of Jesus!

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