Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Life and Pancakes
By: David Edgren


Each of us has a philosophical structure that we live by. Whether we are conscious of this structure or not, it is there. I have delved deep into the recesses of my mind (it always seems to be at recess) and found a bit of pithy wit. These one-liners (and the occasional extended one-liner) seem to represent my general attitude and focus in life. This philosophy of life contains many various facets and strongholds. It also has conveniently placed releases that allow me to do something completely out of character and still consider myself in line with myself. Have you ever found yourself standing in line with yourself? It is much like finding yourself beside yourself.

Brief conversation with Self.

You: Hello Self.
Self: Hi there.
You: Funny meeting you here!
Self: Indeed. How am I?
You: You are, I mean… I am… Um… We are.
Self: Well said.

Find yourself.

Now I would like to share some of my new found realizations of life with you. While reading them you will find yourself laughing. After reading them you will most likely find yourself with a new more profound understanding of pancake batter.

Relationships come and relationships go.
But only dirt can make flowers grow.

While this may seem a very insightful poem on the intricacies of life it is actually a poem I wrote to help a close friend start a garden. He now has a beautiful plethora of flowers growing in his yard. In direct correlation he also has a vast number of relationships that have come and gone.

Every dog has his day, but so does every fire hydrant.

This is a simple way of understanding why things happen to you. On some days you are going to be a lucky dog and on others you will be a mere pee-on.

I am their leader, which way did they go?

Every day you will find something or someone that you are following and someone else that is following you. It is your duty to follow the right leader and at the same time be the best role model you can.

Run for it.

This is good advice for many situations you will encounter. Often you will find yourself stuck deep in the mud of life and will have to pull your feet out (which will make a rather hideous slurping sound) and run for the nearest exit.

Stop, look and listen.

We all spend far too little time doing any of these. We get so busy going nowhere that we forget to stop somewhere every once in a while and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Stop, drop and roll.

Another evasive tactic for self preservation. When the flames of life are licking at your heals keep running. But, when you are on fire by all means take the time to put out the flames.

Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems.

Running into another car at a traffic light does not make the magazine you were reading any better or worse. It just gives you a new understanding of the tremendous benefits of bumpers.

We all need bumpers.

The inventor of the bumper obviously had a very good understanding of life. By having a bumper placed about three seconds in front of our most repulsive anger we can save the ones we love from much harm.


Well, this is just a introduction to the constantly adapting philosophy that I call happiness. You are an extremely awesome person. I know it sounds conceited but you must believe it of yourself. My believing it of you will get you nowhere. Say it out loud right now. I don't care where you are just say, "I am a great person and I deserve every good thing that comes to me." A truly happy person is one who honestly loves himself.

While most of the thoughts in this article were funny, I hope you gained some tiny benefit from something here within.


I have given you the new recipe for better batter, now I challenge you to make yourself a better pancake.

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