Thursday, October 13, 2005

Discovering your leadership style

The next video in the series on leadership by Bill Hybels. I just watched it this afternoon. He suggests that he has seen 10 different types of leaders, all with the spiritual gift of Leadership, that do things idfferently and lead from different styles. He said that their Intuitive leadership abilities came out of thier individual style.

10 Styles of Leadership

1. Visionary Leader

Has a crystal clear picture of what he is building
Future oriented.
Not easily discouraged.
Has a FLAMING vision

2. Directional Leader

Humbly point the way to go based on facts, resources, people and history

3. Strategic Leader

can break big decisions down into steps
Insist on forming and sticking to a plan

4. Managing Leader

Organises people, processes, systems and resources for achievement
Establish mile markers on the road to the destination

5. Motivational Leader

Gets things done by inspiring the team
Gives lots of recognition and encouragement

6. Shepherding Leader

Slowly builds the team, Loves them, builds community & then leads
Builds people up and then leads them out
Team members love the shepherding leader more than any other type

7. Team Building Leader

Has a god given understanding of human nature
Not always a good shepherd – may not be emotional or highly affirming
Selects & places members perfectly where they are needed
Puts together a Kingdom Dream Team

8. Entrepreneurial leader

Always starting something new then moving on
Often loose interest and passion once its established
Once things get going so do they – on to something else
Must start something new every three or four years, or they start dieing
Love handing things over to someone else

9. Reengineering Leader

Is at his or her best in a turnaround situation
Wants to fix things that are broken
Finds old vision & values and reinvents the ministry
Revitalises a hurting organisation
Once things are running well they look for another wreck to fix

10. Bridge Building Leader

Works best with a complex organisations
Ties ministries together
Connects a big church into one entity

Once you understand your leadership style – LEAN into it! Develop it. Have fun!

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