Thursday, February 11, 2016

Teaching Great Sabbath School Lessons

More Sabbath School Tips
Sabbath School is all about building love. Love between people and God. Love between people and each other. Love between us and the world. To do this, we need to focus on relationships, worship, bible study and outreach. 

Here is my model for teaching Sabbath School each week.

Sabbath School Hour

Start: ON TIME! (No matter how many people are there. Regularity creates commitment.)
Opening Prayer
Nurture: "How was your week? Hi/Lo. Favourite thing. Etc. 
StartWarmer Question: A StartWarmer is a themed icebreaker - based on the lesson but personal experience. 
Lesson: (see below)
SS Toolbox: 10 mins (SS Training Time. The four purposes of SS are INreach (nurture), OUTreach (service), UPreach (worship), WAY OUTreach (mission). Prepare a tiny 'toolbox training' sessions on one of these four aspects. Your SS will know what it is there for if you regularly talk about it!
Finish: ON TIME!

Sabbath School Guide Lessons: Preparing and Presenting

Study the lesson. 
Study the verses mentioned in the lesson in context.
Study the commentaries (I use 'Logos' on my computer) regarding these passages.
Then, with all that in mind, lead a discussion using Michael Fracker's teaching plan.

Teaching Strategy & Skills

When asking for people to read the scriptures, ask them to read a verse each and move around the circle. This allows every voice to be heard. Often, many people are not heard in Sabbath School. The best thing our voice can speak is God's Word. By reading Scripture one verse per person you are empowering people to be heard at their best. 

As you go through the discussion, leave moments of silence. You will be amazed what people will add. There are people that need a lengthy gap between comments before they will interject. Pause until you are uncomfortable, and they will speak - they are wise because they have the Spirit of Jesus living within them!

Based on your study time and your personal life journey, add your knowledge and stories as they fit.  By doing this, you are participating as one of the class members on the ground rather than a preacher on high. 

You will be amazed at what comes from this approach. And, you will be remembered as one who led the class to the Bible.

I like to finish by praying a blessing on the class members and their week ahead. Very few people hear people praying for them. Because prayer is half of the Christian experience, it should be made to stand out as a privileged and beautiful thing! When people hear their own names held out aloud to the God of the Universe, it touches them deeply. Never pass up a chance to pray for those who you are leading to a greater understanding of Christ (or anyone, for that matter!)... 

Teach well!

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