Sunday, February 14, 2016

DJD214 - Shine Like Stars

Read More Daily Jesus

Philippians 2:8

Starting Question:

Tell of a time when someone treated you kindly after you were unkind to them. 

Shine Like Stars

We must each develop our character. We cannot become anything great by allowing ourselves to be driven by greed, lust or power. These are the calling cards of the world and the toys in Satan’s playground. If he doesn’t get us with all three, he will focus in with one until we become accustomed to it and lower our guard. Then, being convinced - by our own repetitious habits and conformed mind - nothing is wrong, we will slip deeper and deeper into that muck-pit of sinful sludge. So, we need to focus our time and energy on higher things - generosity, love and equality - filling our mind and becoming reformed into people who think pure, kind and lovely thoughts.

The above paragraph is true but it is missing something. Focusing on the development of your character into a person of integrity and accountability is a good thing. But it is not a God thing. 

As Christians we are called to follow Jesus. To look at Him. Not to find and fix the weaknesses in ourselves by ourselves. Christian Character is developed by dwelling on the perfect nature of God. This nature was revealed, in human flesh, through his Son Jesus.  

Following Jesus is the primary purpose of the Christian life. 

His humility demonstrates what happens to our nature and our character when we stop looking in the mirror - adjusting small strands of human hair - and focus instead through the mirror of God’s love - Jesus - into His perfect glory. By beholding we are changed.  

If you have time, read the context around today’s verse. Read 7 verses before and 7 verses after - Philippians 2:1-15. The picture painted is a view of ourselves through the filter of Jesus: 

Our community because of His humility
Our humility because of His obedience
Our obedience because of His perfection
Our perfection because of His cross
Our cross because of His example
Our example because of His radiance
Our shining - like stars - 
because He is Lord - of all - 
to the glory of God the Father

Our character is not ours. It is His, if we are His. 

By humbling ourselves, fixing our eyes on Jesus, and following in His footsteps we  become His image-bearers, increasing in glory as we bask in His. All to the glory of God the Father! 

Reflection Question:
What will you do today to keep Jesus as your focus?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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