Friday, February 05, 2016

DJD205 - Two Trees

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1 John 3:24

Starting Question:

What is the most perfect thing you have ever seen?

Two Trees

You won’t find perfection by looking in the mirror. And you won’t find it honestly by picking your way through the Bible looking for key texts to prove your point. But, you will find it when you take the entirety of the Biblical narrative - from Creation to Recreation - as one all encompassing story of human nature - from perfection to perfection. 

You need to start at the end, look back at the beginning, consider the middle and ponder your place today.

The end of the Bible is a book called Revelation. It paints an epic prophecy-laden picture of God returning this Earth to a state of perfection - after going through the death of sin, suffering, tears and sorrow. At the end, God’s Kingdom is on Earth and He remains with us from one Sabbath to the next - into eternity.

The beginning of the human story in the Bible started in a garden. There was a tree that offered knowledge of both good and evil - and a choice. Once the wrong choice was made, that tree defined reality. Then, just as the garden was fading from view, another tree was introduced. The Tree of Life - so powerful that if humanity were to eat from it, they would live eternally. It was locked away and guarded by angels.

The middle - a redefining moment in time, an exclamation point in the shape of a cross - is magic. The only kind of magic we should dabble with. And dabble we must! For the cross brings to light the full meaning of both trees in the garden. 

Death. The wages of sin is death - sin is choosing to be our own god, defining for ourselves right and wrong, good and evil. The cross is that death - for all of us. He who eats of this tree will surely die. Done. Jesus died. On the cross - once and for all.

Life. The gift of God is eternal life - righteousness (the opposite of sin) is choosing God as our moral compass. Right and wrong, good and evil are described and defined by Him. Life comes through knowing only Him through His Son - Jesus. As Jesus lives - resurrected from Sin’s death - so we may live. 

Two trees. Both available to humanity, again. 
The tree of knowing good and evil is me shaped and leads to death. 
The tree of knowing God is cross shaped and leads to eternal Life.
The choice is ours, once again. 
Choose to know God and live. 
Or choose a needless death. 

Living a perfect life is only possible if you choose, every day, to eat from the cross-shaped Tree of Life in the middle of the Biblical timeline. So, in reality, any goodness you demonstrate is Jesus living within you. He alone is perfect. We alone are dead. 

Taste and see that He is good!

Reflection Question:
The choice between life and death seems easy. Why do so many people choose not to follow God?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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