Friday, January 15, 2016

DJD115 - Prayer Changes You

Read More Daily Jesus

1 Chronicles 16:10,11

Starting Question:

What do you practice every day? Are you better at it than when you started?

Prayer Changes You

An American Indian teaching-tale is told about an Indian Chief giving life-wisdom to his young son. The son had asked why sometimes he desperately wanted to do good things for other people and other times he looked for sneaky or even bold ways to hurt people. 

The old chief said, “My young brave, there are two wolves fighting an angry battle inside of each of us. A good wolf and a bad wolf. Love and Hate. They are both strong. And for many people the fight lasts a very long time!”

The son thought about this quietly and then asked, “But Chief, in a fight there is a winner and a looser. Which one of the wolves wins the fight.”

The old chief smiled, proud of his son for asking the right question, “The wolf you feed the most, my son. That wolf will win.”

Brain scientists tell us it takes about 3 weeks to form a new daily habit. Today is the first day of your third week reading these devotions. There’s a good chance, you are feeling a desire for Jesus each morning now - to know more about Him and His will for your life - because you’ve been feeding that wolf.

After the Holy Spirit came into that little house of prayer in Jerusalem, the thousands of people who heard the story of Jesus began a journey of getting to know Him better. Their Jesus story would have been very different to the people who had told the story to them. The people praying in the house had all walked and talked with Jesus. These new people had a Jesus story that started from the lips of a follower of Jesus. 

This is one of the reasons why Jesus asked His followers to spend ten days in prayer before the Spirit came. The prayers weren’t to get God ready. They were to prepare the people telling the Jesus story. It wasn’t three weeks, but the habit for prayer was formed by many daily repetitions. And they taught this habit to the new followers.

By beholding we are changed. By feeding our desire to know God, it grows stronger. 

God doesn’t need you to pray so that He knows what to do today. 

Your prayers are food for the growing love for Jesus in your heart.

Your prayers are time given to the well-being of your soul.

Through prayer we are made into a people able, willing and excited to share the Jesus story. 

Reflection Question:

What are some things we do to feed the wolves - Love and Hate?
How does prayer help? 

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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