Friday, January 08, 2016

DJD108 - Answered Prayers

Matthew 7:9-11

Starting Question:
When was the last time you were so hungry your tummy hurt?

Answered Prayers

You know what you need to make it through the day. And so does God.

When talking about prayer, Jesus used examples of basic needs in the lives of the people listening to Him. The fastest way to some people’s heart is through their stomach. Feed them well and you will have their attention. Jesus knew this and so He used this basic reality to talk about the way God answers prayer. People need to eat. 

Two basic foods of people living when Jesus walked the Earth were bread and fish. If someone was hungry, it was most likely they would eat either bread or fish to satisfy that hunger. 

A small loaf of bread looks a lot like a stone. Jesus said, “What kind of father would offer his son a stone when he’s hungry and asks for bread?” There were stones everywhere. Jesus might even have had a stone in his hand when he said this, holding it out to the crowd, “What father would give this?” 

Then Jesus said, “And what about fish? What if your son asked for a fish to eat? Would you give him a snake? Of course not!”

Good parents look after their kids. This is what Jesus is saying about God. God looks after his Children even better than parents do. There’s not one perfect parent on earth and yet they give good gifts to their children. God is perfect! 

Jesus wants us to know that God gives generously to those who ask. God isn’t looking for a way to punish us, but a way to bless us! God wants to give you great gifts. He loves you more than you can even imagine, because He has never had an evil thought. God is Love.

We have needs to make it through the day. God loves us and is wanting to give us what we need. All we need to do is ask!

Reflection Question: 
What do you need today?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

Further Reading:
The Signs of the Times, June 18, 1896.

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