Wednesday, January 06, 2016

DJD106 - A Joyful Song

Exodus 15:1,2

Starting Question:
Do you sing in the shower? Why?

A Joyful Song

We humans are wired for song. Whenever we get happy, little bits of joy sing their way out of our hearts.

A child walks through the house singing the latest theme song of a favourite movie or TV show. 

A teenager, with headphones embedded into their skull, loudly joins the private revelry being piped into their ears. 

Mother sits at the piano, practicing for the next worship service at church. The family sings along - some standing behind her, some from their rooms down the hall.

That’s what it’s like at our place, anyway! A friend of my son, who was a frequent visitor to our house, once commented, “Being in your house is like living inside of a musical!”

I love that story. 

My kids roll their eyes. “Dad, that is sooooo embarrassing. You shouldn’t be proud of that!”

But I am. 

Because, the Bible shows - over and over again - that when God’s people are happy, they sing. 

Miriam Sang when her brother, Moses, led them successfully across the Red Sea. 

King David wrote and sang hundreds of songs of joy and, since he was the king, he made his people sing them, too.

When Jesus’ mum was pregnant and visiting her cousin, Elizabeth sang a song about the blessing of the child Mary held in her womb.

When Jesus was born, Heaven's angels sang.

Revelation tells us that when Jesus returns, we will sing a new song written especially for that amazingly epic moment.

The Bible paints a picture that shows singing is deeply connected to gratefulness. We sing because we’re happy. We sing because we’re free! 

Jesus has given us every reason to sing. And yet, life often overwhelms us with worry and regret. We stew about the things we should be doing or the things we should have done. This is a distraction. 

Focus your eyes on Jesus and you will be filled with gratefulness for what He has done for you, gratefulness for what He is doing for you, and gratefulness for what He will do for you. And you will sing! 

Reflection Question:
What will you sing about today?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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