Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Heavenly Sanctuary

As we commence studying the sanctuary for the next 13 weeks it is fitting that we spend the introductory week exploring the One on whom the Sanctuary in Heaven and on Earth is based.

How many different ways can you see Jesus in the Sanctuary?

Ask class members to recall various objects, services, materials, colours, days, people, actions and more that happened in the earthly Sanctuary. Ask how Jesus can be seen in each. The Sanctuary is a place where we can truly see and say, “Jesus All!”

While there are many, here is one website that will help you in exploring the theme of Jesus in the Sanctuary: 

Why all the reminders of Jesus? What purpose does it serve to have this ancient memory device? Other than a memory device, what other purpose(s) does the Sanctuary, and all it entails, serve for us today?

How is the Heavenly Sanctuary important for us today?
What does the Bible teach us about Jesus’ activity in the Heavenly Sanctuary?
Every aspect of the Earthly Sanctuary was symbolic of Jesus, pointing humanity toward the expected Messiah. What direction is the Heavenly Sanctuary “facing” in it’s purpose and action? What is it leading toward? Why is this important? 

When we say, “Remember the Cross” of what are we reminding ourselves? 
How might the Heavenly Sanctuary serve to challenge us to “Remember the Second Coming”? Is it possible to remember something that has yet to happen? 

What one could define the nature of someone living with the anticipation of constantly remembering that which has yet to happen? 

Read through (or sing!) Hymn 214. What word is used here? How is this mental state one of both readiness and joy? How does the reality of the Heavenly Sanctuary provide this attitude in those who await the return of Jesus?

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