Thursday, October 17, 2013

Father's Fortnight - Reading with Primary School Children

Another morning living the dream! My wife made a caterpillar and five pieces of fruit for kids to play with while I read this story. Here's a snippet of the story and the toys.

During father's fortnight at my daughter’s school (Billanook PS), I spent 30 minutes doing a story set with the three prep classes (All combined for a big-group story time!) and 30 minutes in my daughter’s year 6 class talking to them about literacy. My daughter and I sang Puff the Magic Dragon to her class. There were lots of awwws and oohhhs around the room. It's so good to see a classroom that appreciates each other.

I told the older kids I had just been reading stories to the little kids. After a few questions and the discussion about literacy, one of the girls asked, "Can you read us a story?"
"A STORY?!" I said incredulously, "You're too old for stories, aren't you?"
"Were still kids," she said. "We love stories."
Aren't we all. ... I thought ... And, don't we all!
So, we read “The Gruffalo”. They laughed at every page even though they knew it well.
(Or perhaps, because they knew it so well!)

At the end, I challenged them to take every chance they get to read to little kids.
"You change the future," I said, "every time you read to a child."


Thanks to Mrs Sperring at Billanook for filming the clip above.
Check it out on their prep@billanook blog

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