Monday, September 23, 2013

The Kingdom Scroll (from Chapter 2)

Hannah pulled them back to the topic. “Dad, how does this Great Controversy help us understand the word ‘kingdom’?”

“Well,” Dad looked down at the Bible and skimmed the 12th chapter of Revelation. “Right after the dragon is kicked out of heaven and lands on the Earth, it says the Kingdom of God starts and the authority of Christ.”

“Before the dragon chases the woman in the desert?” Paul asked, leaning over to look at the passage. “That means, we are already living in the kingdom it is talking about.”

“We are already in Heaven?” Hannah asked.

“I don’t think so!” James said waving his arms around. “This world is nothing like Heaven!”

“It must be talking about something else,” Paul said. “What do you think, Dad?”

Dad folded his arms and leaned back in his chair, a huge smile growing on his face. “I think, you three have another Bible adventure to go on!”

“Yeah,” James jumped up, “Let’s take the Bible back to the room and go in!”

“Wait,” Paul said studying Dad’s face. “You know something. Tell us!”

Dad’s smile got even bigger. “I know that I want to hear your story when you get back! So, get into the Bible!”

Hannah joined the fight now, “Dad, come-on! If you know something, you have to tell us!”

“Do I?” Dad laughed. “I know what some of your Christmas presents are. Should I tell you that?”

“There are already Christmas presents in the house?” James asked, incredulous.

“I didn’t say that,” Dad explained. “I said, I know what they are. They could still be in the store or they could be here. But that’s not the point. Christmas would be ruined if I told you all your presents.”

“Ah,” Paul said, finally understanding. “So, you’re saying if you told us what you know, it would ruin our ‘kingdom’ Bible adventure.”

“Uh huh,” Dad said confidently. “Some things are best discovered on the journey rather than beforehand.”

“Ok,” James said, still standing, “Let’s go!”


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