Friday, September 20, 2013

Reformation: Healing Broken Relationships

There is no clearer statement of purpose for Christ's time on Earth than the title of this week's lesson: Healing Broken Relationships

This week, questions will scream from silence. Look around your Sabbath School circle. Wash feet. Apologise. Seek forgiveness. Be the hands, feet, heart, mind and soul of Jesus.

Jesus came to heal the rift between ourselves and our God.
He was one of us. And He was God.
He prayed that we would be one
as He and the Father are one.

Wrap your head around that and you've got the Gospel:

  • Working it's way into your heart like a burr into the paw of a lion. It will make itself known with every step. Until you stop, heartsick, and begin to lick the world's wounds — like Him.
  • Boring a tunnel into your brain like a needle tapping a vein. It will both feed you and feed on you at the rhythm of your pulse. Until you become, one heartbeat at a time, a world changer — like Him.
  • Beating your soul to a pulp like a prize-fighter driving his fists into your very nature. It will bring to the surface, like a bruise needing care, the character that becomes the Kingdom — like Him.

Consider the Gospel. Good news.
Consider forgiveness. God knows.
They are one.

Until forgiveness pours from us, His forgiveness pours over us — pooling on the ground — unable to be soaked up by us, like a tropical cyclone flooding our church's carpark, oil-spoted from cars once loved. It rains. It pours. It runs off unreceived.

Wake up. Forgive. Heal. Receive forgiveness. Rejoice.

Then go. Make disciples. 

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