Thursday, November 15, 2012

a very merry un-surgery-date

The hospital finally returned my (many!) phone calls regarding a surgery date. They now tell me the surgery will be early in January, although it could be in December. Evidently, they either have a very difficult time creating schedules, or reading them, at the hospital. (yes, I understand I am on the non-urgent list and get bumped along by all the serious brain-cases. But, errgh!)

It's frustrating, to say the least. But, what can you do?

Adam (the schedule-maker... um... schedule-non-maker) said, "Your 90 day waiting period didn't start until all your preliminary appointments were finished." I told him this had not been explained to me until NOW and that I was expecting to be in surgery before December. Adam just said, "Sorry. Today you are at day 33 on your waiting list and we are averaging about day 80 for the 90 day waiting list."

Every doctor and nurse I have asked about my surgery date over the past three months has said, "oh, it should be in the next few weeks!" Imagine if Adam would communicate with the doctors and nurses… A simple, "Please do NOT tell patients when their surgery will be as you do not have that information or even understand the system within which you work!" hmmm...

So, after some brain-bending effort, Adam figured out—by examining their calendar—that day 80 would be well into January. And then he guessed. "Well, I can't see it happening before January. But, I guess it could happen in December. But that would be surprising. So, expect a January date."

Let's pray for a surprise for Adam.



  1. julene3:42 pm

    Oh I cannot imagine the STRESS and anxiety in waiting. The waiting room stinks. It sounds like the Australian health care system is much like ours in New Zealand. I can't wait for heaven! Oh and I LOVE the Bob Newhart clip "stop it". I watch it whenever I feel like telling someone they need to "stop it" but it wouldn't be appropriate.

  2. Thanks Julene.
    I thought I would lace the blog entry with a bit of humour, just to let people know I'm not psychotic or anything! lol
    I love comedy. It loosens the cobwebs of seriousness and selfishness.


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