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Restory Church: Cultivating a Healthy Narrative - Empowering Lay-Led Church Communities

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Due to financial strain caused by declining attendance, recession, and increased cost of living a crucial shift is needed in the landscape of church leadership and management dynamics. This restructuring must place volunteers, the local laity, at the forefront of faith community building.

While this financial strain may be the impetus for change, it will not serve well as the master story. Bad news grabs eager eyeballs but it doesn’t grow healthy hearts. Stories of hellfire do not generate lasting change. Stories of the Kingdom of God and its eternal reign of love, healing and peace are so effective that Jesus made them His bread and butter - and His Kingdom is still growing! A meta-narrative that connects the local church with the eternal Kingdom is the only story that will do. Jesus is all. 

Cultivating a healthy narrative within a lay-led church community is not just about sharing stories but about educating and empowering individuals to shape their story through intentional engagement. Behavioural change specialists say to change a habit - personal or corporate - only one thing is needed: record keeping. The questions you follow up with story-gathering (statistics/responses) will motivate change. While it may feel like a watched pot never boils, watching behaviour intentionally (record keeping) causes rapid change in groups and individuals. So, let's explore how to foster the creation of a healthy church narrative through the crafting of personal, relational, and communal skills.

1. Personal Skills: Unveiling Authentic Narratives

At the heart of a healthy narrative lies the power of personal connections. Empower individuals to share their life stories, fostering genuine connections within the community. This involves:

Sharing Personal Stories: Encourage individuals to articulate their faith journeys, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences. What has Jesus done for you or in you this week?

Intentionality: Guide members to align their actions with their values, fostering purposeful engagement. How did your faith guide your decisions this week?

Cultural Competency: Equip individuals with the skills to navigate diverse backgrounds with sensitivity and understanding. What idea or reality did you open your heart to outside your comfort zone this week?

Prayer and Discernment: Foster a practice of prayerful discernment, guiding individuals to understand the needs of others and shape thoughtful outreach approaches. How did the Holy Spirit guide you toward loving others this week?

2. Relational Skills: Crafting Meaningful Connections

Effective communication is key to nurturing a healthy narrative within the community. Elevate the relational fabric by:

Effective Communication: Enhance communication skills by inverting in meaningful connections that resonate within the community. Who have you connected to in the wider community this week?

Active Listening: Develop the ability to listen attentively and comprehend the stories and experiences of fellow community members. What did you learn by saying “tell me more” this week?

Invitational Mindset: Cultivate an inviting approach that welcomes others into the folds of the community with warmth and inclusivity. What invitations did you accept this week? What invitations did you give?

Conflict Resolution: Equip individuals with the grace to resolve differences, preserving positive relationships within the community. How did you serve as a mediator this week?

3. Communal Skills: Bridging Gaps for Growth

A healthy narrative thrives when all members actively contribute to the growth and engagement of the church. Foster communal skills by:

Community Needs Assessment: Understand and address specific local needs to lay the foundation for impactful community engagement. What needs have you seen this week?

Inclusive Outreach Strategies: Craft approaches that appeal to a diverse audience, ensuring the community is welcoming to all. What demographic have you seen uniquely served this week? What demographic did you see in need of loving attention?

Active Community Engagement: Beyond traditional church settings, involve members in various activities to strengthen community bonds. What intentional group outside the church (club/craft) have you engaged in this week? 

Digital Outreach Skills: Harness the potential of digital platforms for effective communication and outreach efforts. How have you lifted Christ up online this week? How have you built people up online this week?

Hospitality Training: Create a welcoming atmosphere where newcomers feel embraced and comfortable within the community. How has your involvement in church this week focused on making people feel safe or welcoming new people?


By focusing our teaching, dialogue and record-keeping on the cultivation of Personal, Relational, and Communal skills, disciple-makers will reshape the church community to hear and tell a healthy narrative about themselves. This intentional approach not only fosters a holistic inreach/outreach community but also strengthens the collective identity and purpose of the lay-led church. Together, these skills weave a narrative of inclusivity, authenticity, and connection. Thus paving the way for a church community that flourishes under the guidance of its empowered and intentional members.


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