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Restory Church: Reviving Lay Led Community

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To save the church, we must restore lay-led community, not as a nostalgic yearning for the past, but as a strategic move in the preservation of our faith communities. To walk the Kingdom journey as Jesus did, a Restory Church wears two sandals: 
1. the cultivation of a healthy narrative 
2. the shaping of interpretive leaders 

Healthy Narrative

The foundation of any thriving community lies in the stories it tells itself. The narrative of a community serves as its collective identity, shaping the values, beliefs, and aspirations of its members. In the context of church restoration, it becomes imperative to craft a narrative that not only reflects rich traditions but also resonates with contemporary lives.

By sharing an experience that bridges the timeless teachings of the church with the challenges and triumphs of the present, a healthy narrative emerges. This narrative becomes a guiding light, fostering unity and shared purpose among the diverse individuals who make up a healthy congregation. This tapestry that binds generations, will emphasize the need for the church in our increasingly fragmented society.

Interpretive Guides

At the forefront of this revival stand a redefined church leadership – interpretive guides – leaders who go beyond traditional roles to engage with the congregation on a deeper level. These leaders understand the pulse of the community and act as mediators between the sacred teachings and the lived experiences of the individuals.

Interpretive guides do not strive to be authorities but lead by being empathetic listeners, wise storytellers, and catalysts for meaningful dialogue. Through their guidance, the congregation navigates the complexities of modern life while staying grounded in the principles of the church. They interpret the teachings in a way that resonates with the current context, ensuring that the church remains a relevant and dynamic force in the lives of its members.

A Thriving Church

Restoring the church to a lay-led community is not a return to a bygone era but a strategic evolution. Churches are dying for lack of being needed. A thriving church recognizes the need for unity, shared purpose, and relevance in the face of societal shifts. The interplay of a healthy narrative and interpretive leadership forms the backbone of this cohesive movement.

As interpretive guides lead the congregation through the evolving landscape, the healthy narrative serves as the compass, pointing towards a collective vision. Together, they pave the way for a church that is not just a place to house a denomination but a vibrant community that thrives on connection, understanding, and shared growth. A thriving church is not a place to go but a place to be.

Restory Church

A Restory Church is an intentional community with a healthy narrative, interpretive leadership, and thriving relationships. It is my hope that you will choose to be a Restory Church! Over the next handful of blog posts, I will walk down this sandal-worn path and hope at where it leads. We will explore church, community, purpose, relationships, and leadership to learn to walk as Jesus did and live a cross-shaped story. 

Let's do this!

Dave the Storyteller

P.S. Please comment or email me if you have ideas, questions, or stories that illustrate the points I'm trying to make. Thanks!


How are you involved in creating a healthy narrative in your church? In your family? In yourself? 

What are the key things you see facing the health and growth of the church?

How do you understand being an Interpretive Guide? Who is yours?

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