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Psalms 82: Ye are gods - Group discussion guide


Ensure you have a coin with you. Invite group members to take out a coin and look at it.

Q. What do the images on the two sides represent? Why are these things important to your nation? Why is there always a person on at least one side? What does that person represent?

Read Matthew 22:15-22

Q. Even though they were trying to trick Jesus, these Pharisees saw the core attributes of a Godly leader in Jesus. What did they see? (Matt 22:16 - truthful, taught Gods ways, impartial)

Q. What does Jesus' coin lesson teach us about the best way to live a Godly life? (Matthew 22:21 - honor and serve God while also respecting leaders)

Read Psalms 82:1-8

Q. It's hard to miss, so let's go there first! Who are the gods in verse 1 and 6? 

The same Hebrew word begins and finishes Psalms 82:1 - Elohim. Often translated as “God” it can be translated in other ways. Let's take a look at a passage that will help.

Read Exodus 21:2-6

Q. Which word in this story do you think is a translation of Elohim? (Exodus 21:6 - judges)

Q. If you guessed “master” you are not far off. Does anyone know the Hebrew word translated four times in this passage as “master”? (Adonai - Another word commonly translated as “God”) 

Reread Exodus 21:5 replacing the word Master with Adonai. Beautiful, isn't it?

Q. What can we learn about leadership, parenting, governing and even relationships from the way the Hebrew language freely uses words for God to represent people in authority?

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Reread Psalms 82:1-8

Imagine this Psalm as a script for a stage play.  

Verse 1 is the setting. Psalms 82:1

Verse 2-4 are God's lines addressing the other actors. Psalms 82:2-4

Verse 5 is narration for the audience's sake.  Psalms 82:5

Verse 6-7 are God's lines addressing the other actors. Psalms 82:6-7

Verse 8 is Audience's line. (Shouted in unison!) Psalms 82:8

Q. Which part is your favorite? Why? 

Q. Which part challenges you most? Why?


We have a rare treat in our study today. Jesus has done some of the interpretation of our Psalm for us! 

Read John 10:31-39

Q. Who does Jesus say the phrase “you are gods” refers to? (John 10:35 “those to whom the Word of God came”)

Q. In Jesus’ day, the Word of God was what we now call the Old Testament. To whom were the writings of Moses and the Prophets given? (Israel, the people of God)

Q. Because of the cross, who are the people of God today? (followers of Jesus)

Q. Where does this place us in Psalms 82? (as ‘gods’ - leaders under God's authority)

Q. How will this inspire you in the way you live your life?

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