Sunday, February 11, 2024

PCF - An Invitation to Bible Study

When visiting Christian schools for a week of Bible storytelling (they call it Week of Prayer, or other names) I often tell a story on the first day that challenges the kids to read the Bible for themselves. It goes like this:

Last night, your chaplain, took me to a new all-you-can-eat restaurant in the city! It was yum. And, it was weird! There were three serveries. The first had a big sign over it "Square Meals". The next was "Raw n Fresh!" And the final one, "PCF". 

There were a few people in the Square Meals line getting a plate of meat n veg or Lasangna and salad, etc. And there was one person at the Raw n Fresh buffet. But, the line for the PCF servery was huge! It actually went out one of the doors and into the car park! 

I went up to the PCF servery just to look - it was trays of differently coloured sludge - chunks floating in a soupy mess. It was weird. I saw the chef through the window and mouthed, "What is PCF?" He laughed and waved me to the kitchen door. Once inside he showed me a group of chefs preparing gourmet meals. Next, he showed me rows of people eating those meals. 

"To properly digest your food," He said, "You must chew each bite 27 times before swallowing, did you know that?" I shook my head, getting a bit queasy. "Who has time for that?" he continued, "So, we help!"

I then saw that the 'eaters' were spitting each bite into a bowl next to their plate of perfectly prepared cuisine. Those bowls were collected by food prep hands and put into the large serving trays at the front. 

"Pre Chewed Food," The chef said proudly, "PCF. The world loves it. It's everywhere!"

By then, the audience of kids are not being quiet and respectful. They are making grossed-out noises, conversation blurts and all kinds of cacophony. 

I stop and face them, "What? You don't believe me?" They all shout, "NO!"

"Why not?" After taking a few answers, I say, "Because PCF is disgusting, right? Nobody would eat that!" 

"And yet we do. There's Adventist PCF. Baptist PCF. Mormon PCF. Catholic PCF. Christian PCF comes in all flavours and chunkiness! Every time you listen to a sermon - PCF. Every time you read a devotional - PCF. Someone else has already chewed it up and regurgitated it for you!"

Kids - still grossed out. Concerned looks from staff members...  

"So, this week, I challenge you to get "Raw n Fresh" spiritual meals by reading the Bible for yourself. And get some Square Meals by studying the Bible with a group of friends. And yes, enjoy my PCF. I loved chewing it up for you. But, goodness gracious, please don't live on the stuff!"

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