Friday, January 06, 2017

Eucabeth's Story

Eucabeth Owino has a God given passion for helping poor children in Eldoret, Kenya.

“I love people!” Eucabeth said, “I walk in all these areas. I talk to people in the slums. I visit the street kids in the fields.”

When she returns from visiting the slums and dump, with information about people who need immediate help, Eucabeth connects them to the organisations who can provide their needs. “I check to see that it is safe to go out there, for other people,” She said.

Eucabeth runs a clothing business in Eldoret. She uses this as a base from which to connect the two worlds in her city - those who need and those who provide.

“While my marriage was falling apart,” Eucabeth said, “I wanted to die. I tried to die. But God would not let me die.”

“One night I dreamed about street children.” She said, “They were brought to me in my dreams.”

When she woke, Eucabeth decided it was just a dream. Then she had the dream again the next night. And the next.

“For two years,” Eucabeth said, sadly, “I refused to help them. Then, one night in my dreams, God said, ‘You died two years ago. I gave you your life back. Now it’s time for you to live for me. Go and give life back to these children!’ ”

Eucabeth has now worked with the street children for four years. “I do spiritual counselling.” She said, “I tell them what God says they should do and what He says they should not do!”

“Sounds like parenting,” I said.

“Yes!” She laughed, “They all call me Mother.”

“They appreciate someone telling them the truth,” She said.

Eucabeth connects the children she meets with a number of organisations. One of these organisations is Hands of Hope Academy. When she finds a child who seems like a promising student, she calls Nestor and once they have sponsorship they arrange a rescue (for the orphans) or a recruitment (for the children with families). Then the child begins the process of Christian education providing a hope and a future.

“Some children on the street,” Eucabeth said, “I take them home. This is my reconciliation work. I reconnect them with their parents, and make sure they do the right thing. If they have a home, they need to live there, not the dump. But other kids have no place to go. They really suffer.”

“The street children have no hope without help.” Eucabeth said, “I organise people to teach them skills. Some are very good at sport. Some music, drawing and painting. These skills give them hope.”

Eucabeth is a living breathing example of incarnational ministry. Just as Jesus walked and talked with the poor, shared His life with the destitute and healed them one by one - Eucabeth is changing the world one child at a time.

Oh that the world had more like Jesus!

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