Friday, August 24, 2012

Merry-Go Monkey Round Go Drum Bang

Have you heard the one about the monkey banging a drum on a merry-go-round? 

I have.

It’s in my mind. The little monkey, holding his drum which has “tumor” written on it in big red letters, goes round and round - banging. 

As the merry-go-round spins the monkey get’s farther away. He’s still beating his drum, but it’s at a distance. Then, bang, bang, bang - here he comes! 

It is fascinating how the mind works. I have talked to lots of people over the past day and the topic of every conversation has been “tumor.” And the merry-go-round keeps spinning.

Even when I’m reading, watching tv, chatting with family, whatever - the monkey and his drum are ever present - sometimes quiet, sometimes loud.

Is this how worriers feel all the time? They call it stress!

Oh for the peaceful mind of Dave.

Hello little monkey!


  1. I was sitting here this morning reflecting on your blog when Ruby-Anne came up and stood beside me. As children often give the deepest and most honest answers I asked her, "Why do you think this happened?" She replied, "For a reason". I could have left it there but I decided to ask one more question, "What do you think the reason could be?" her response, "So that he can love Jesus more". Her first answer was enough, because she's right, everything happens for a reason, but no matter what the reason I hope that part of it is so that you can love Jesus more.
    PS. The monkey only keeps banging his drum if we keep winding him up.

  2. Thank you Ruby-Anne. You've made my day! I hope the same thing!
    And Katherine, Thanks for telling this beautiful story.
    I'll have to try letting the monkey run out of energy!


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