Thursday, August 30, 2012

Live like THiS

Over the month’s of July and August I had a few work road trips. Knowing I had a few hours on the road coming up, I searched for a great lecture series to listen to. There are some fantastic things out there. I found “Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad” Taught By Professor Mark W. Muesse , Ph.D., Harvard University at 

After 36 lectures on the lives, cultures and teachings of these four great sages, I spent some time trying to encapsulate the core aspects of spiritual life present in the lives and teachings of all four sages. 

“Live like THiS” is the title given to me by my son, Michael, after I taught him the four teachings. I used the tagline “Live THiS way” when teaching it to Mikey, and he said, “You mean, Live like THiS.” I realised, the second he said it, that he was the enlightened one! It is much more punchy and compelling phrased his way — and it’s the way we would say it in casual conversation. Each of these four topics would have been part of the casual every-day conversations of each sage. 

THiS is like breathing. At least it was to Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad. Without these four things, spirituality was hollow and meaningless to them. With THiS in place, we have identity, purpose and those things greater than life begin to make sense.

I will just dump it on you for now. You chew on it. Let it meld in your mind and melt in your heart. And tell me what you think. In the next few days/weeks I will delve into each of the four teachings in more depth. So, here they are:

Live like THiS

          T ruth
          H umility
  little  i
          S ilence

All four great sages taught and practiced each of these on a daily basis. Here’s a bit more description.

           T ruth directed             seek, savour and live the Truth
           H umility in heart          listen, learn and embrace others
    little big world                   overcome selfishness - shaped by generous compassion
           S ilence busyness        find solitude, be still, focus attentively, Know

Think on these things. Post your thoughts and questions. I will be blogging on each of the four in the next week or so.



  1. Janine8:56 pm

    looking forward to more about THiS! (and I like that you started with the nutshell version).

  2. Love how your mind works. When I first read it I thought it said "Live tHIS way" which I think has a nice ring to it too, but obviously off on another tangent:)


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