Sunday, September 17, 2006

Memorable stories from church

One of the activities that Nathan (the editor) had us do during his segment at the writers seminar was to write a short reflection on something memorable that happened to you at church. Here is what I wrote. Had to chuckle at these memories...

I have had a number of memorable experiences at church, usually with friends. I remember one friend who was prone to doing the unusual as a usual habit. He once swapped his Bible with that of a friend (they were identical bar the gold lettering on the cover) and waited for her to ask why she had his Bible. She never did. A year later he re-enacted the event and swapped the Bibles back. She was never the wiser to it!

I once sat in College church at Pacific Union College with the same group of friends and had a pressing, quite painful, bubble of gas welling up inside of me. I considered going outside to release the pressure, but was in the middle of the row. So, I opted for the silent option. I rolled onto one leg and gently released my clenched stomach. The resulting vibration and volume caused ridiculous giggling from my friends that was matched (and exceeded) only by the redness in my face.

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