Saturday, September 16, 2006

Finding creativity in yourself

Become an idea farm
Prepare soil: Read widely, study people, talk to strangers, get lost, consume media, daydream
Get seed: Buy it (proven ideas), borrow it (other people’s ideas) , let it blow in, use last years (your old ideas revisited and revitalised)
Plant seed: Write down every idea (jotter pad, blog, notebook), float half formed ideas to people (friends, family, experts and target audience)
Just add water: Plan it out, write it out, sell it or start it, build a team, write an article/sermon, form it
Harvest: Submit the article, preach the sermon, fly the kyte, run the event. do it
Enjoy/share: You have earned it, enjoy the bounty, share and teach your successes and failures
Lay fallow: Rest (it’s the way God made us!)

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