Monday, March 06, 2006

Socks Galore

Today I was walking thru a shopping centre here in Mildura (I'm up here doing a week of prayer at the Adventist school) and I saw a kiosk that was called Socks Galore...

As I got closer I realised that they stocked and sold ... ONLY ... socks.

This begs the question...

So, I walked up to the nice lady trapped in the circular booth and with a very serious expression asked, "Do you have any socks?"

I maintained eye contact, making sure not to look down at the display filled with a multitude of the requested items.

Her reply was understandable, "I'm sorry?"

I repeated the quesiton of the day, "Do you have any? You know, socks."

Then I smiled. And so did she. I then participated in a very vigorous discussion on the multiplicity of available socks and the types of people who buy them. "Some days I really love my job!" She said, "Some days I don't." I couldn't help but think that perhaps my silly question and my full attention for the ensuing five minutes caused today to be one of her good days at work.

I don't think we talk to each other enough. I mean, just talk. About whatever. To strangers. Give it a shot. Ask the obvious and enjoy the results!

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