Sunday, August 21, 2005

Strange Dream!

I woke up at 5:15am this morning - Sunday! - due to a very odd dream.
It was a race against time. I'm not sure the reason why, but Jared Lillehagen, Angelina Jolie and myself were in a race to get to a space shuttle launch pad. I was running as fast as I could. Angelina was running too. We rounded one last corner and I was familiar with the surroundings - something that wasn't evident before - and so I took a short cut.
I came into a clearing and found the launch site. To get the space shuttle we had to dig a hole down to the sprinkler control system a metre or so under the ground. Jared was way ahead of Angelina and I. He was there, shovel in hand madly digging the hole. I ran up to the hole and saw a shovel laying on the pile of dirt (something that seems odd upon reflection… If Jared was digging furiously, as he appeared to be, how is it that a spare shovel was resting on TOP of the pile Jared was creating???)
Anyhow, I grabbed the shovel and thrust it into the ground to help Jared complete the hole so that we could turn the sprinklers on and the space shuttle would be able to launch. It was then that I had the “waking thought” – you know… that thought that just ruins the dream and brings you staggering back to reality? – and the thought was this…
There are only two seats on the space shuttle. It has to be a man and a woman to ensure the continuation of the race. I can’t go. There are still to many people who don’t know about Jesus left on this planet that is doomed to destruction.
With that inspiring, purpose driven, mission statement in mind I burst into reality. So, here I am, awake on planet Earth, with just moments to spare. I feel compelled to share the Gospel. I must also wish a fond farewell and GOOD LUCK to Jared. You lucky devil.

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